Canadian car security tips for winter

5 Canadian Car Security Tips For Winter

Did you know that the risk of car theft increases by 25% during the winter? As we approach the winter season, the clocks move back, resulting in shorter days and longer nights. Thieves take advantage of the cover of darkness for extended periods, leading to a rise in vehicle theft rates.

Despite these challenges, there are numerous tips that can help secure your vehicle and prevent it from being stolen. Here are our top winter tips to deter thieves:

1. Secure Your Vehicle at Home: When de-icing your car, it's essential to stay near your vehicle. Leaving your car's engine running while unattended is an invitation for thieves. In fact, it's against the law to leave a vehicle running with nobody present on a public road. If you have a driveway, you might not receive a fine, but you could still become a victim of an opportunistic crime. Remember, leaving your keys inside the vehicle can lead to insurance issues. Pause that cup of tea until you turn off the engine and lock the doors.

2. Install Motion Sensor Lights or Cameras: For those without a garage, additional security measures are crucial. Motion sensor lights can catch any individuals approaching your vehicle, and CCTV provides comprehensive coverage. Even fake CCTV cameras can deter thieves due to their presence. However, keep in mind that they won't capture an actual crime or the perpetrator if an incident occurs.

3. Consider Additional Security: While these tips help, deterring car theft isn't always foolproof. Fortunately, there have been significant advancements in vehicle security, including aftermarket options to consider.

- Steering Wheel Locks: Ideal for providing extra security, steering wheel locks are quick to install and act as a visual deterrent. However, they can be removed with the right tools. Consider combining them with other security products for better protection.

- Trackers: Though trackers won't prevent theft, they can aid in recovering your vehicle after a theft has occurred.

- Immobilizers: Aftermarket immobilizers offer protection against various types of theft, including keyless theft and cloning. Given the rising incidence of relay theft, an immobilizer is an effective solution.

4. Security On-the-Go: When going out in the winter, especially during seasonal celebrations, leaving your car overnight in a residential area or parking lot can make it a target for thieves.

- Opt for Public Transport: Consider using public transportation instead of leaving your car overnight. Taking a taxi can save you the worry of potential theft.

- Choose Well-Lit and Busy Areas: If leaving your vehicle parked overnight is inevitable, choose a well-lit and busy area. Thieves are less likely to act if there's a higher chance of getting caught. Park near street lights, other vehicles, and CCTV cameras when possible.

In Conclusion: These security tips provide a foundation for preventing car theft, particularly during the winter months. With longer nights, staying vigilant and investing in proper car security are crucial.

Discover the CAN-phantom Aftermarket Immobilizer: The CAN-phantom immobilizer offers comprehensive vehicle protection. This device prevents the engine from starting until a unique PIN code is entered. It effectively safeguards against key cloning, hot wiring, key theft, and relay theft.

Stay Secure This Winter: Let's work together to halt the rising statistics of car theft. Protect your vehicle and enjoy a secure winter season.

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